Multivariate Test inside a A/B Test

daniela_garay1 03-11-2015


Is possible to create a Multivariate Test inside a A/B Test?
I have one page A and other page B, and within the page B I would like to make a test Multiv.

If it is possible, as I should do? First an A/B test and then the Multiv Tests?


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Accepted Solutions (1)


It was a pleasure Daniela.

To achieve this, I think you need to do it manually by manually creating offers and assigning them to the elements where ever they are applicable and have the offers added inside the MVT experiences. But I do not think so the MVT would automatically do that for you.

See if that helps!

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Answers (6)

daniela_garay1 05-11-2015

Thanks Shekhar!

I have a question more, for me Multivariate test, I have three elements
1 Banner
2 Gallery of images
3 button
But the buttons are inside of the gallery, then I have an element within another.
It is possible to test it?
thank you!


Thanks for your note.

Unfortunately, you cannot have a Multivariate test within an A/B test. You can create a multiple page test and split the traffic there and have default content on the main page but the above ask is not possible. 

Hope that helps!

Thank you!

daniela_garay1 04-11-2015

Thanks for your reply!
Soryy, let me explain better.

I have a page and I want to access only 10% of traffic, and in the page B with the other 90% of traffic.
In addition, within the page B, I would like to make a multivariate test.

both campaigns simultaneously. 

That's possible?

Tell me if now is clearer
Thank you!


Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to Adobe Community.

Not sure what you are trying to achieve. Could you please elaborate a little more on this to understand what you are trying to accomplish? Are you saying that you would want to create an A/B test first for page A and based upon the experience delivered from that page have a MVT test run for page B?