Multivariate AB-Test [Singular Experience Dominance]

pmojica 15-10-2015
I am implementing a 5x5 multivariate test.  After filling out the campaign with the "designed" components, I activated the test.  In order to see the alternate experiences, I cleared the cookies & cache, but we've only received two experiences out of a possible 25 experiences after dozens of cache clearing.  
The oddity behind the two experiences was that one experience remained by & large dominate. The second experience only showed after clearing the cache 20 times, and then on a follow-up cache-clear it would revert to the first experience.  I tried setting up a separate test, but a similar experience was generated.  
Is there a secondary component missing that will fix the near static experience?  Or is this functionality how the test is setup?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

chongkan01 15-10-2015

- In order to be able to see an experience directly you can use URL parameters for offer level targeting.

- if you are testing the random/even distribution among offers, you will need to wait until a large amount of visits is counted. I have experienced differences of 30-50 visits at the very beginning of the test, but the bigger the amount of visits gets, the more even the distribution on the experiences gets. 

- If you are stucked with the default experience, then you are probably getting a timeout and TnT is blocking the test for 15 mins. 

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