Multiple Target Activity campaigns on the same page



Hi there. I found a couple of similar questions from 2-3 years back. But I think my question is a little different. 

We are looking to accommodate Target Activities of different initiatives and structure within the same page. For example, 1) banner section is changed based on previous page content of user

2) primary content section below is swapped according to target audiences (audience A gets personalised content for A, audience B sees different content for that same section in the page) 
3) A/B test may be running on content UI elsewhere for optimisation 

The 3 tests would have different time frame, owner of activity, and use separate Target Activities. What is the best practice for managing this sort of business practice? Use separate mbox'es for different initiatives and run on the same page? Or they would work just fine so long as they do not try to modify the same HTML block on the page? 

Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi @YT_Tsutsui 

I guess there is no need of firing different mboxes for different activities.

All these activities won't collide unless and until two or more experiences are trying to edit the same element on-page.

and if that is happening you need to provide priority to each activity to avoid collisions.






Using target-global-mbox, you can serve multiple activities. It's better to create the three activities in VEC and load target-global-mbox using Adobe Launch.