Multiple Property tokens on a single page

ChrisMezzo 15-04-2020

We have a secure account area for visitors signed up to our business, and within that interface we have multiple mboxes hosting BAU messages and various third party advertisements. 


The content of these individual mboxes are managed by different teams who need access to publish only in those particular areas. 

Theoretically I don't see why we couldn't pass different at_property parameters at an mbox level rather than in the 'global' via targetPageParams(). We already use getOffer() and applyOffer() for those mboxes, so I figure we could pass this new param along with all others, and change the value according to the correct property.


My concern is that this involves a single 'page' (this is an SPA) having multiple mboxes , and therefore Property tokens, associated with it. Would there be issues when configuring activities and attempting to set them live for these individual mboxes with bespoke permission levels?


Does anyone have any experience with this use case? Are there any potential issues we would need to avoid?


As an additional: Can a single mbox have multiple at_property values assigned to it?

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karand53490614 20-05-2020

@ChrisMezzo Do you mean that you need to have multiple properties assciated to one Workspace in Target? If this is the case, then both the property tokens needs to be passed to the website where the activity needs to be rendred.