Multipage tests in Target Standard



It would be nice, if it was posible to make true multipage test in target. You could take a look at how Optimizely solve this. It's very neat.

In the userinterface in target, I see that I can make rules for running the same piece of content on multible 

pages. I would like to run a different piece of content on the two pages, but as 
a part of the same test.

The thing we'd like to test could be, templates for copy writing on multible products, or templates for product specific banners.

Here's an example of what a test might look like: 

Variant A 
Page X. Product text: "Buy product X in our company + (product description, 
Type 1) 
Page Y Product text: "Buy product Y in our company + (product description, 
Type 1) 

Variant B 
Page X. Product text: "Try our new product X in for free in 7 days+ (product 
description , Type 2) 
Page Y Product text: "Try our new product X in for free in 7 days + (product 
description, Type 2) 

The point is that the piece of content on the two pages within the same 
variation are written using the same "template", but are different sience they 
speak of two different products. So to put it in other words, we'd like to test 
the text-template on multible products in the same test. We want to do it this 
way rather that just running multible parralel tests because we want to cut down 
the time it takes to reach acceptable confidence from forever to acceptable. 

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Hi Nikhil

I'm not quite sure what your asking me to do. I was told by ClientCare to post improvement suggestions here, so that was what I did in the above, hoping someone in Adobe would one day see the light in multipage tests in target standard.


Kind regards