Multipage Activity - Unable to link different domain and content

surjitp43519485 04-10-2018

Hi All,

I am bit new to the Multipage activity using Visual Form.

Basically my goal is to create a test:

Default: Land on , click on the button which takes to

Exp B: Land on , click on the button which takes to + with some changes (e.g. remove few labels)

NOTE: and are different domains.

So under Exp B, my default page is I scroll to the link and edit it as

Clicked on Configure > Add Additional Pages.

I have included an additional page and made the relevant changes like removed few labels.

Now I am trying to figure out how to connect the link on Default page( with the Additional Page with these changes.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I would not set this up as a single test with multiple pages. Otherwise, you'll have visitors "enter" that don't even click the button and therefore do not really participate in the test, but will impact the numbers of your test.

  1. I'd setup a "helper" activity to change the button link, adding some query param to the link for the entry conditions of the real test.
  2. Setup a second activity (the real AB test) - use XT type, create an audience for the default link, and an audience for the exp B link. On exp B you make the content changes to the page. Add your metrics and here you'll have reporting that only applies to people who actually participate in the test.

The helper does your traffic splitting and allows you to modify the button links without using a redirect test.

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Answers (2)



What an interesting problem to solve. Here is how I would do it.

1. Create an audience that looks for in the referrer. Lets call it audience1

2. Create an activity on that uses audience1 as the pre-qualifier.

Let me know if this makes sense or if you need me to go into more detail.

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surjitp43519485 04-10-2018

Thanks for the prompt response.

Here are the actual steps I followed:

  1. I created an audience using Create Audience > Traffic Sources > Referring Landing Page URL : Equals:
  2. Created an activity on
  3. On Experience B > Configure > Audiences > Multiple Audience.
  4. Add Audience and Included the referred audience.
  5. Removed the All Visitor (Default) Audience under Experience B.

Now before pushing it live, I want to test this in dev/qa mode.

So how do I get the test URL, where refers to instead of (which is the default one) ?