Migration to at.js - Adding html using form based experience setup




I am evaluating a migration from mbox.js to at.js and have encountered an issue. 

I have replaced mbox.js to at.js with an auto create mbox setting.

When I try to setup an experience using form based setup: any javascript in the HTML offer works perfectly but if I add some html for e.g.:" <div> hiii </div> " , it does not appear anywhere on the page.

With mbox.js I was able to view the HTML offer in the target-global-mbox div on the page. 

Where exactly does at.js create an mbox, and why is this mbox not visible in the generated html of the page?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Rucha,

Actually at.js doesn't add a <div> element to the top of the page Hence the HTML doesn't appear any where on the page.


Parit Mittal

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