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I'm doing A/B test by changing the movie playing in my homepage to another movie (shorter one). i want to know if it has affect on registrations.

Basically,I want to check if visitors in my homepage watched the video (play video button) and then requested a demo and got up to the "thank you page".


"Play video" (video popup) button ->  Request a demo button (page with form to fill) -> submit - thank you page.


How can i check if people who watch the shorter video on version B reached more or not to the final "thank you" page?




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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi ,

As per our understanding it's an Analytics use case. To achieve the same you can use "Success Event Pathing"  concept. You have to pass the name of the Success Event to a Traffic Variable (sProp) on the page in which it occur & enable pathing on the same throguh Analytics Admin section .  For your use case- 

Step 1  s.prop1=<VideoName>;

Step2   s.prop1="Request a Demo Page";

Step3   s.prop1="Thank You Page"

Please find below links to some of the articles around the same :

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Parit Mittal