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We've recently started exploring our Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target data at a new level with the addition of a data scientist to our team.  She has uncovered something unexpected.  She is finding multiple customer ids from our CRM system associated with a single mcvisid.  We have a customer portal online where we have conversions.  Why would this be?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




If you are referring to mboxMCGVID, then the explanation can be that the mboxMCGVID value belongs to a shared device. Every user has its own CRM ID while the Experience Cloud ID identifies all of them as a single device as the method is based on cookies.

To target activities to a persona rather than to a device consider setting CRM ID with one of the following options:

- Audience Manager with Declared ID or Customer ID

- Target with mbox3rdPartyId

- Customer Attributes

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