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I've been trying to update a link in a global mbox but get this warning from Adobe Target: 

"edited content has documente.write or mboxCreate invocations. Delivered content won't apply as expected" 


this is the javascript code that i've been trying to apply the changes : 

<div class="mboxdefault">
<div onclick="location.href='http://THE URL/?s_cid=hp-hero'" style=" left: 230px; width: 690px; position: absolute; float: right; padding: 13px 15px 15px 0px; cursor: pointer; height: 280px;"></div>

pleas note that this note is in the code : 

<!-- NOTE: Please do not remove the '?s_cid=hp-hero' from the end of the URL regardless of what the link is. -->


there is already a page that works exactly with this structure but as soon as i want to change the link, it doesn't work. 

Any suggestion? 



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi There,

Thanks for reaching out to Adobe Community.

Not sure what could be causing this. Have you tried enabling the mixed content in your browser? 

Try the mBoxDebug and see if you see anything suspicious.


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