Looking for a way to do multivariate test on a SPA page

meghanpowers 11-05-2020

Hello, I'm looking for a way to run a multivariate test on a SPA page.  I know the VEC won't work for this situation, but has anyone else had luck with a different solution?

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karand53490614 20-05-2020

@meghanpowers If you want to create an MVT for an SPA based upon views then the modicfications tab(which displays the views) is not shown for an MVT. You could possibly try to create using a form based approach.




gaureshk3014423 12-05-2020

Hi @meghanpowers ,


One way is you should implement trigger view for your SPA which will be permanent solution to use VEC for your SPA.


Use get offer apply offer as @guillermot25136 suggested