Locking the users or Campaign in Target




I have question regarding how to lock a user in Target and I do not know if this is even possible. We been using Target in our company and we implemented several A/B tests for our web using Target. For us, Development team develop the experience and send it to Testing team and they will provide the final sign off and then it goes live.

Our problem here is : when testing and Development work on the same campaign at same time the parameters in the testing url's (These testing urls will be provided by Dev team through Target) will keep changing and testing would not be able to see the changes and validate it properly because both the teams are working at the same time.

I wanted to figure out if they is any way that, the testing team can lock the campaign so the development team cant make any changes while testing. When testing finish they can again unlock it for further steps.

Could anyone suggest if this is something we can do in target? This saves lots of time for us.

Thank you!


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Hi Satish,

As per the product team  that's not currently a feature but you can use permissions to do essentially the same thing by giving the other person editor access and it is "locked" for them and only an approver can approve it so this is solved by managing their users and controlling who is an approver and who isn't