limiting the number of people in a campaign (Target Classic)



Is it possible to limit the number of people in a campaign? e.g. after getting 1000 people seeing a banner those 1000 people continue to see it, but no one else does, even if they meet all the targeting requirements.

I have a need to do this in Target Classic immediately, but would also like to know about Target Standard


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Simon,

It's not possible to limit the no of people in a campaign . However you can change the Success metric advanced options to give you the ability to define custom behavior for both content viewing and counting when visiting a success metric. Please see the following for Information

Also, , you can change the percentage of visitors to be included in the campaign or test defines the total percentage of your qualifying visitors who will see one of the experiences of this campaign. The remaining percentage of users will see the default content for the mbox. Please see link

If you are looking for Transitioning from Target Classic to Target Standard , Please see the following documentation

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal