jQuery and Target - duplicate load

jeremykra1 07-05-2020

Our site currently implements jQuery at the global level, but it also appears that Target also injects an un-minfied version of jQuery as well. Is it necessary to do this or is there some way to disable this. It does affect page load because it render blocks and while it doesn't affect code it seems silly to have duplicate references. 


If not, can we at least minify it through some config?


Thanks very much.

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Hi @jeremykra1,

The at.js should not be downloading or including the jquery library. To my understanding Zepto (a modular jquery lite type library) is embed into the at.js, and it should be in the minified form requiring a max of 9kb. I don't believe there is a way to "strip" this from the at.js library.

Hope this helps.