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I am trying to do a A/B Test, it has to be form-based. Our web page is build on SPA.  I login, then go to the specific page I want to see my code and the problem is that our code is not being injected there. I put the setInterval, I did the Audience Refinements in a right way but I don´t know what is happening


This is part of my code: 

var checkExist_alternativa = setInterval(function() {
//Si existe el elemento, cancelamos el interval y ejecutamos el código necesario
if (jQuery("#contract").length >= 1) {

var nuevo = document.getElementById('contract); //SELECT THE ID WHERE I WANT TO INJECT MY NEW CODE
var htmlAB = ' HTML CODE';
nuevo.insertAdjacentHTML('afterbegin', htmlAB); //NEW HTML
var cssAB = '<style>CSS CODE</style>';
nuevo.insertAdjacentHTML('afterbegin', cssAB); //NEW CSS
}, 100);



Anyone knows how to solve this?


Thank you for helping me!


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Accepted Solutions (1)



I can see some error in JS code. May be that's the reason it's not executing. The change is ID selector 'contract' is not closed with quotes. 
Please resolve the error and try. If you are still seeing that's not working check the campaign is loading in the page or not.

var nuevo = document.getElementById('contract')

Hariharan S

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