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I am new using adobe target. I am doing a Test AB. Experience A is the control (default Page) and Experience B is what I want to change. I do not have access to the new Librarie so I wrote an extra code to inject it.


When I inject my code in the console I can see the changes on the website. When I inject the code in Adobe Target I can see it in Edict Activity (where I write my new code in the custom code) and in the URL given by Activity QA. 


When I change the Test status to Active,  I can still see it in Edict Activity and Activity QA. But It is not displaying when I enter into my regular url (like an user would do it)


Anyone knows what can I do? What could be my error?




Thank You!!! 


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hey miguel,

Check in response token whether you are falling in exp A or exp B (on live URL)

If you are falling into exp A you will not see any changes as it's an default experience.

If you are falling into experience B and still not able to see any changes, there might be some issues with code. As target library might getting fired before the element which you are trying to edit. Which is causing failure. 

You can try putting ur code in setTimeout() or setInterval() function which may help you to work this out

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Hi @miguelb82821298


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