Japanese character search coming in autocomplete but not in results

nehacms-0r3f0r 18-11-2018

Hi All,

We have integrated AEM with Search and Promote and supporting different countries. Issue is in Japanese website, autocomplete for a character set like シロアリ対策サ is giving result like シロアリ対策サービス but when this is searched we get 0 results.

Similar happening for korea website. Rest websites are working fine.

Any pointers in this area will help.

https://www.google.co.jp/complete/search?q=日本&cp=0&client=psy-ab&xssi=t&gs_ri=gws-wiz&hl=en-IN&authu... ダウンロード  コーポレート・ウェブサイト  日本

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