Is there any Implementation Audit / Best Practices checklist for Adobe Target




Is there any set of checklist which i can refer to while auditing a Adobe Target implementation on any website or app ?

I want to make sure that whatever implementation i have done is as per the best practices and as per what is recommended.

Please share if you have any such checklists around Target Setup, User permissions, Reports setting, Activities settings etc.


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First off nice nickname! It would be possible for you to request an implementation audit at which point your Account Manager would arrange that with one of our expert implementation consultants. However if you are looking more for a rough guideline in regards to what to look for I woudl strongly recommend reading the whole section on "Implement Target" from here: More specifically the section titled: "Before you implement" from here:

Now for some generic advice from me on what I would look for on my own site:

1. Verify that the Target mbox is firing on the page. (

2. Verify that you are on the latest version of at.js (

3. If you are using A4T or plan to use it verify that you are on the latest version of visitorAPI.js (Analytics) appMeasurenment.js (Analytics) & at.js (Target) (

Hope this helps!

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