Is there a way to personalize content for registered users/logged in users?



Hi All,


I am trying to learn and see if there is a way to personalize content for users who've been registered or ever logged in? I don't want to use any customer IDs or data to recognize, but I was wondering if there is any way target can do this?




Adobe Target Login personalize registration

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Target itself does not recognize the logged in user .


But you can also simply pass any custom mbox parameter to Target call, as soon as user logs in. Do not pass this parameter on the loggout screen or homepage without login.


Now you can create an audience with this mbox parameter and enjoy targeting the logged in users.

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Answers (4)




You can try below method :

1.  Pass mbox parameter in Target mbox call when user login to the website and 

2.  Then create an Audience based on the parameter

3.  Now you just ahve to create a campaign based on the audience which will be reading the parameter value for logged in users 


You can also try @gaureshk3014423  method, it also sounds fine.


Hope this helps !







Hi @srikoll 

Yes you can personalize content if user is registered or logged in..

But you need to tell target that how can you identify if customer is logged in or registered. And create custom audience based on that

In my case, we are using a cookie which tells if user is logged in or no.

Using this cookie we have created data element and rule in launch and audience in target. So as soon as someone logs in target gets to know that customer is logged in and shows personalised content.



Hi @srikoll 


Our method of doing this (we use at.js 2.3.0) is using the targetPageParamsAll function which looks a bit like this:

window.targetPageParamsAll = function() {

    function _userIsLoggedIn() {

        // Some logic that returns true or false 

    return { "logged_in": _userIsLoggedIn() };



That way we have the custom mbox attribute 'logged_in' available on all offer requests. Within Target we then use this in an Audience.