Is there a way to load Adobe Test & Target data into Tableau for reporting/analysis?

christy_park 15-10-2015

Our team uses Adobe Test & Target to target banner ads at certain “persona groups.” These banner ads are in hundreds of different campaigns. We pull metrics from the tool such as banner impressions and click-thru-rate %s for each of the persona groups for comparison.


As of now, the process is very tedious as we have to pull each number manually from the tool. We’d like to automate the process somehow. Is there a way we can automatically load the T&T data into Tableau for analysis? Ideally, the data would be refreshed and updated from time to time, but if not, even a one-time pull (i.e., one-time data extract) would be great.


As far as I'm concerned, Adobe Target doesn't have any aggregate data reporting option to include metrics for ALL campaigns and metrics for each of the persona groups).

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Accepted Solutions (1)

bhawkins 15-10-2015

Hi Christy,

You can use the Target plugin's to disseminate information to any system in real time.  In fact, this is the method by which Adobe Target communicates with SiteCatalyst.  If you can configure a data set that gets consumed into Tableau, to accept data on the fly, then the plugin functionality will do the trick.  The plugin functionality within Adobe Target can simply be JavaScript that is executed client side whenever a "display mbox" (an mbox used in a test Experience), or for all mboxes or even for a single mbox.  Target makes available the test name and experience via tokens which are easily usable with JavaScript.  

Hope this helps, 



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Answers (3)

Nikhil_Bisne 15-10-2015

Hi Christy,


Apologies for the delay in responding. Adobe Marketing Cloud Community is the place to get help, advice, tips and tricks, and network with other people using Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. I'd be more than happy answer any specific queries around Target if you have any.




eric_allen1 15-10-2015

We use the T&T APIs to pull down all T&T campaign data to our EDW and then we aggregate it ourselves and create a Tableau Extract (which is refreshed on each successful ETL process). We then pull those extracts into a Tableau report that is automated and filtered on campaign ID so we can view any/all test data, mixed with our DW data in a Tableau report. You could use Tableau to aggregate all of your campaigns into one report (using the filters option).

As far as I know there is no option to automatically pull in Adobe tools as a data source (like there is with Google Analytics, for example). I believe this integration was announced to happen a few years ago but it doesn't seem like anything ever came about. Would be great (and not that tough) to have the Target team build an integration with a great reporting tool like Tableau.