Is there a way to export target's metric data with daily granularity?



I am looking for a way to export activity's metric data with daily granularity. I have gone through the target API documentation and it does not mention anything about granularity or date range. It only has the performance report section which does not give the option to set granularity or select a date range.

Please suggest, how can I use the API to get the granular data or suggest an alternate way to get the granular data. Thanks.

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Hi Kartik, I know its not clearly stated it in Adobe documentation but I found my way to get report for specific interval using reportInterval parameter which looks like one below:

reportInterval": "2017-03-14T05:00Z/2017-07-10T07:00Z

Here's how your API URL will look like:

"" & strTenant & "/target/activities/" & strActivityType & "/" & strActivityId & "/report/performance/?reportInterval=" & strReportingInterval

Hope this helps,