Interpreting AT test result when the control is winner in one version, and the test is successful in the other version.

bilalhowdoiuseA 05-05-2020



I recently ran an A/B test on two versions of the same page - an english version and a chinese version - the results were pushed to Adobe Analytics. The results are the opposite i.e. the chinese version shows that the experience B (experiment) was the winner, whereas in the english version of the test, experience A (control) was the winner. The winner is based on a conversion metric..Point to note: the chinese version of the site receives significantly more traffic and conversion.


My question: 

- In such cases, what are some of the recommended decision rules to consider for determining if the test was successful or not?

- The answer may be that it depends, but what is the thought process or better approach to deciding if the test was successful or not? Thanks!

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TanviAgarwal89 20-05-2020



Is conversion metric same for both the Chinese and English version?


If yes , it simply says that visitors of both the versions have different liking.

It may happen that Exp A is a winner in one region and Exp B is a winner in another region, so future decisions should be taken based on the region conversions.


I am referring to regions as I understand that Chinese version is targeting only Chinese audience or region.


Hope that helps to understand!



karand53490614 20-05-2020

@bilalhowdoiuseA Can you please confirm if the activity created on Target was an A4T(Analytics for Target) which uses Analytics as a reporting source?

Also, was the metric used in the activity an Analytics metric?

For comparing the results between two solutions, it is best to have integrations(A4T) in place.