In Adobe target my Javascript code injected not displaying?



I am new using adobe target. I am doing a Test AB. Experience A is the control (default Page) and Experience B is what I want to change. I do not have access to the new Librarie so I wrote an extra code to inject it.

When I inject my code in the console I can see the changes on the website. When I inject the code in Adobe Target I can see it in Edict Activity (where I write my new code in the custom code) and in the URL given by Activity QA.

When I change the Test status to Active, I can still see it in Edict Activity and Activity QA. But It is not displaying when I enter into my regular url (like an user would do it)

Anyone knows what can I do? What could be my error?

Thank You!!!

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Can you share the activity url and show us what should we expect from experience B in order to confirm if changes are coming on page or not ?


When you activate the activity, what is traffic split percentage for Experience A and Experience B ?


Can you test by setting the 100% traffic to experience B only and 0% to experience A ?

If still you do not see the changes from Experience B then check the below steps to further troubleshoot this.


Did you check the response of Target call in network tab?

You can check this as : 

Developers tool in browser -> network tab -> filter with 'tt.omtr' -> click on the request ->go to response tab and you should the see the content from either experience A or Experience B