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When comparing impressions on a user level there seems to be a lot of impressions that were not present on the visit. Perhaps impressions are cached or another problem behind the scenes? Is there a way to change this setting so that we only capture those impressions on the current view.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Thank you @abu_shafi for this Answer! I've placed it here since you had originally submitted your reply as a Comment:


if you are using the impression numbers from Target reporting you will see the inflated numbers because of the following

Target side of the reporting does not relay if the content is displayed on not its reports on content is delivered

example if your campaigns have overlaps with multiple campaigns it will send both of the campaigns to the destination page and a4t.js library will display one of it by random 


So Target will report both the campaign as an impression but if you have impression reports from analytics(custom implementation) it will report one


For us, we use both analytics and a4t reporting to bridge the gap (we relay on analytics even if it's under reports)



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