How to write a re targeting profile script ?



We are planning re - targeting tests using adobe target and are new to the concept of profiling visitors.

Me and my developer team looked up for the syntax for profile scripts in the help section but did not find it very helpful as most of them do not contain the right explanation.

The case is that we would like to re target based on the product viewed by the visitor in the last visit. For example if a visitor saw product "XYZ" in his/her previous visit to the site then the same content will be targeted in the next visit (on home page).

In such a case what would be the syntax for identifying a return visit and if a specific page/product was viewed in the previous visit?

Also which would be the best way to understand the server side script to make the most of the profile scripts?

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Greetings, and thanks for your questions!

You may find this page in the documentation helpful in terms of how to think about the syntax for profile scripts. Given the specificity of your questions, it would be best for you to contact Mehaul S. and/or Partha S. from your organization to create and submit a support ticket to our Customer Care team on your behalf (they would need to email or

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@ameliaw95025277 this was very helpful .

I could successfully create script to flag visitor as new v/s returning but identifying and re-targeting product pages to returning visitor seem to be a bit complicated.

We will surely write for further assistance.