How to update Virtual DOM (ReactJS) which is injected on page click event by using Adobe Target



Can we update/Modify virtual DOM which is injected only on particular event click by using Adobe Target Code

I know , Adobe has an extension for at.js for react but how i can update virtual DOM which is injected on click event

     - target-atjs-extensions/react/component at master · Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/target-atjs-extensions · GitHub

     - React Component · Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/target-atjs-extensions Wiki · GitHub

When web page loads on browser,  DOM is created but i cannot see Virtual DOM (which is injected on click event) until I click on event (lets say button). After event click virtual DOM is added. How to modify this virtual DOM section using Target custom code.

Also How i can alter React component events using target custom code. Please share details steps, I didn't find any details documentation on the same.

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