How to target on browser Language using Expression Targets?

xbarcelona 15-10-2015

Hi there

I want to target base on browser language (ex. German) but are not sure how to create a correct Expression-Target for this?

Not sure if user.header or user.browser should be used and how the correct syntax should look like? Then there is also user.header('accept-language') and user.header('accept') which both seem to fit somehow?

I created these 3 Expression Targets but am not sure about which one is correct?

1.return user.header('accept-language')=="de";

2.return (user.header.indexOf('de') != -1);

3. return (user.browser.indexOf('de') != -1);


thanks for your help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for reaching out to Adobe Community.

I would request you to kindly try and use the below code and see if it helps:

return user.header('accept-language').indexOf('de') > -1


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

gylesf73140248 02-10-2017


I am trying to do something similar, but with language and locale.

What exactly does the user.header('accept-language') get?  usually the accept language has locale and factor weighting included.  Accept-Language - HTTP | MDN

for example if i wanted to create a profile script differentiating england from united states for english, i would need to parse the language and locale.   would the user.header("accept-language") give me "en-gb" or "en-us"?

Does using console.log work for debugging these scripts?  It is difficult to use the built in target parameters without know exactly what it provides.

any help would be much appreciated!

Gyles Fohl

ParitMittal 27-06-2017

Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out to Adobe Target community .

Can you please let us know the browser language on which you want to base your targeting activity?