How to set an audience to include a number of zip codes with only the first 3 digits

chrisl92739620 28-09-2018


I would like to set up an audience to include a number of zip codes, however the list of zip codes that I have only include the first 3 digits.

Is there any way to achieve this in Target without having to find every possible zip code combination?

I know you can add a Geo rule to 'contain' a set of characters, but these wouldn't necessarily be the first 3.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



What a great idea! The closest you can get to this in the system is with a "contains" rule. See attached screen-shot below. However this rule could end up including other zip codes that end in those last three digits. So not exactly ideal However I can see the utility in having a "begins with" option in that second drop down. I've emailed product management about this internally however features are always best requested by customers from: if you let me know in a reply here after you submit the idea I'll make sure to vote for it!


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Answers (3)



Target Geo audiences actually use a third party license from DeviceAtlas, so this may not be possible right out of the box. However, you may be able to combine the default audience, with a custom profile script to assist suit your audience needs, to contain only a specific number of of digits.



Hi Chris,

This can currently be done as Ram was suggesting with a profile script. As scripts can employ regular expressions. Something like this would return true or false based on the zip STARTING with 840:

Then use the profile script response to define your audience. Visitor profile > user.SCRIPTNAME equals true.