how to return json response with



I created a json type offer and want target to return that. However, when I try the following code, response is blank. I couldn’t find any code example on adobe website specifically about return json response. Can you double check whether I missed something below or if you can point me to a code example/documentation with json response call? By the way, the following way works fine if it is html offer.{  

  "mbox": "mboxname",

  "params": {

 "profile.language": "en"


  "success": function(offer) {


alert(offer);          { 

           "mbox": "mboxname",

           "offer": offer


        } );


  "error": function(status, error) {          

      console.log('Error', status, error);



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Code looks fine to me. I will check the code by executing at my end and will let you know.

Meanwhile, Can you share the screenshot from the browser console showing what are you getting in 'offer' via console.log(offer) function