How to QA Experience Targeting in Email? Time based.



I'm trying to incorporate Target into my clients emails and we're creating a campaign in Adobe Campaign Classic that serves up 3 different creatives based on the time. Creative A will be show leading up to the event, Creative B will be shown on the date of the event and Creative C will be shown after the event.

How can we fully QA all the versions of the email prior to going live?

I'd like to be able to verify that all versions of the email are displaying and functioning properly.

Any tips or leads on how to do this would be most appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



We were unable to use the preview functionality, I think this has to do with us using it inside of email. Our solution was to set up an audience that flipped through the activities (different email images) at 15 minute intervals. This way we were able to send proofs to the client and they would be able to QC the emails on their own schedule.

During the deployment process we changed the audience to the actual criteria (date). It worked good for the proofing process and we were able to successfully deploy.