How to merge Profile Attributes across Pre and Post Login Environment?




Dear Experts,

I would require your help to solve the below gap.

Test case is to show 'Samsung Mobile' Banner at Home Page for all the customers searching for 'Samsung Mobile' keyword : Internal search. We are capturing the Search Keyword and passing it in the profile parameter to target the customers. It is working fine separately for Pre-Login and Post-Login environment. But when we try to merge them, issue happens.

Lets say, i am a new visitor(Only PCID). I have searched for 'Samsung Mobile' and navigated few pages. My profile attribute is mapped to 'Samsung Mobile' without error.

Once i login, since we are capturing Customer ID and synchronizing with Visitor ID(mbox3rdPartyID generated here), the profile attribute is now 'null'. I need to search 'Samsung Mobile' again to tie the profile attribute again with the Post Login environment.

But if i come again for the second time, since the mbox3rdPartyID and PCID are already merged, i can see 'Samsung Mobile' even if i didn't login.

But for the first time, the pre-login profile attribute is not in sync after post-login. But we would need the same to be updated. Any idea?

Based on there reference link i guess it is not possible : Real-time profile syncing for mbox3rdPartyID , but need your advice/confirmation.

Thank You


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