How to import audiences from 3rd party system into the Adobe Target?

umamaheswariy46 28-04-2020



  I am new to the Adobe Target customization. we have a situation where we have to import the audiences from the 3rd part system into adobe target. How can we do this? Any suggestions would be helpful.


Thanks In Advance


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karand53490614 20-05-2020

@umamaheswariy46 If you already have Audience Manager available you can feed third party data into AAM.

You can then create segments in AAM for these and share them to Experience Cloud, these segments can then be used in Target activities to show personlaized content to users.





Hi @umamaheswariy46 ,


If you're talking about a DMP other than Adobe's Audience Manager (which can be integrated with ECID) then you can use the Data Providers method with the at.js. It essentially allows you to fire an API call to the 3rd party data provider then use the segments returned for the visitor as profile parameters you send in the subsequent Target requests. You can read more here: There is a pretty good video explanation here: 

JoshEisikovi 28-04-2020

Hi @umamaheswariy46 

Great question, does your current Experience Cloud offering contain Adobe Audience Manager? Audience Manager is a Data Management Platform [DMP], you can include 1st 2nd and 3rd party data into the AAM ecosystem. Once your data is within AAM you can build segments which can then be shared to the Adobe Audience Library (People Core Service), the segments available within the Audience Library can be used with Adobe Target for personalization.



Hope this helps!