How to get the favorite category of a user profile?

hegi90 17-01-2020

Is it possible to access the currently favorite category (category affinity) of a user? I need this information either in the datalayer or for persistance in the localStorage, are there any possibilities, may through API Calls?




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

gaureshk3014423 18-01-2020

The category affinity feature in Adobe target automatically captures the categories a user visits and then calculates the user's affinity for the category so it can be targeted and segmented on. This helps to ensure that content is targeted to visitors who are most likely to act on that information.

Following document may help you understand more


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Answers (1)

hegi90 19-01-2020

For those who are interessted in the solution, I used following script:


document.addEventListener(, function(e) { 
  console.log("Request succeeded", e.detail); 
  var tokens = e.detail.responseTokens[0];

And then instead of logging it, persist it to localStorage or dataLayer