How to exit from a profile script



Hi Team,

I am firing mbox profile parameters on page A through a monitoring campaign such that if a user meets the condition then mbox profile param sets to true.

I am using this true value as a qualifying criteria for an experience audience (let's say expA) in an  AB activity defined on page B (page B comes after page A in the journey). This is running good so far.

However if I close the session and comes back to website , this time I qualify for another experience audience (let's sat expB ) of the same AB activity. But this time I again get the experience of expA. This is due to in same session the mbox profile parameter is set as true so everytime it is evaluating expA.

How can I prevent this ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi ambikat677427​ From my understanding your setting param1 value as true and then using that to enter an A/B test. When you qualify for an A/B test you will continue to be in the same experience unless the user clears their cookies or the profile expires. So its expected that you get the same exp A . Hence you would need to adjust your logic or come up with another solution to ensure that the visitor gets a diff value.

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