How to delete Mboxes & passed parameters created with custom code?

christammm 28-04-2020

While testing my personalization activity, I've created test mboxes and parameters using After doing this several times, I want to reduce the clutter (excess mboxes and parameters) that appears in my audience rule settings. How would I go about deleting the mboxes and passed parameters that I no longer require? Also, does there happen to be a limit on the number of mboxes that I can pass?

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Hi @christammm ,

Target automatically cleans up old mbox names, and their parameters if they are not seen again. I think it might be after 2 or 3 weeks of not seeing the mbox it gets cleared.

karand53490614 20-05-2020

@christammm There is no way available in the UI to delete the Target mboxes. If these mboxes are not getting fired anywhere, then Target would automatically remove them from the UI.




LordOfTheRings 29-04-2020

Hi @christammm , for now there is no way to delete mbox through Target UI