How to create a target audience based on Adobe Analytics data?

jayak13010535 01-06-2017


I am looking for a solution to provide real time personalization to end users based on the data gathered in analytics. Basically, I am looking for a solution where I can provide personalization using Adobe Target based on the user's click map rate across multiple sites on the internet. I know that we can create segments or audiences in Adobe analytics but importing these segments to Adobe Target will take some time. Is there any way we can use Adobe Target, DTM and Adobe Analytics together to provide real time personalized contents to the end users based on their behaviour across the multiple sites on the internet?

Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Løjmann 02-06-2017


Getting Audience Manager would help you, but it also requires that you purchase it - so lets look for what else you can to.

You could use Experience Cloud Audience (see Audience creation options in Adobe Experience Cloud ) if it has to be based on Analytics data.

Now I don't know the details to your implementation and what your specific criteria are, but let's say you want to target a user who has performed action X, Y and did see page Z. In that case, you could use the Target Profile, setting parameters via DTM to the users Target profile and then create an audience saying that all 3 parameters has to be set. Then you have targeting in real-time...

You can read more about the Target Profiles here: Visitor Profile

Hope this helps?


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Answers (5)

ParitMittal 02-06-2017

Hi ,

AAM (Adobe Audience Manager) is able to deliver customer segments in real-time, it is essential for advertising. However we  would require some expert opions her to confirm the same .

LøjmannryanrGaurang Mathur​  Can you please provide your opinion on the above query ?


Parit Mittal

jayak13010535 01-06-2017

Hi Kautuk,

Thank you for prompt reply!

I have thought about this solution but if we create segments/audiences in Adobe analytics, it would take 24-48 hours to get imported to Adobe Target. I am looking for something which can help us in providing a real time personalization.

Let me know if we can leverage any of the other solutions available by AMC.

Community Manager

Adobe "Analytics for Target" (A4T) is a cross-solution integration that lets you create activities based on Analytics conversion metrics and audience segments. This integration lets you use Analytics reports to examine your results. If you use Analytics as the reporting source for an activity, all reporting and segmentation for that activity is based on Analytics data collection.

Link:- Adobe Analytics as the Reporting Source for Adobe Target (A4T)

Also have a look at this [1], here we can publish audiences from Analytic for Adobe target.

[1] Publish an Analytics audience segment

I hope this would help you.



This is more of a Adobe Target question. You may get some right answer in that forum.

however, as per my knowledge any audiences from analytics takes time to sync / use it in target.