How to block Landscape delivery for iOS

pranavk0102 04-11-2019

Hi All,

We have  a use case in our implementation where we have to block the delivery for IOS landscape orientation.

We have tried using below configuration but it works only for android and not for iOS:


If anybody has worked on similar case or have any idea about how to configure this please let me know and it would be a great help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

ambikat677427 06-11-2019

I am redirecting to  

Can you check if screenOrientation parameter is firing with mbox call on given page?
Also screenOrientation  seems to be an custom mbox parameter so mbox implementation should be in such a way that when you toggle the mode the target call should fire with the exact screenOrientation then only target would identify and deliver the experience.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

ambikat677427 06-11-2019

I have tested this in my sandbox environment, you can write an offer code using  media query for portrait and landscape and define experience for respective mode.

pranavk0102 05-11-2019

Hi Surbhi,

We are testing it on browser for both android and iOS.

Below is the URL we are testing:

We have build a form based experience and we wanted to do following things:

1) We would like to block landscape delivery for android mobile devices but this screen orientation things just don’t work at all(not for android neither for iOS).

2) Also we would like to exclude few mobile android devices from delivery and for that if we are using device model doesn’t matches ‘model number’ that too doesn’t work. for ex Samsung devices.

Can you please help us here !




Hi pranavk0102​,

Thanks for reaching out. Not sure if others have an alternate solution, however I'm curious to understand why the screenOrientation is not working as expected. Are you testing in a mobile app or a browser on iOS? Do you have a URL I could test?