How do I test my campaign before activating it for production use




One of the problems that customers of Adobe Test&Target(TT) have to grapple with is the lack of support for different environments (DEV, QA, PROD) the way traditional non-cloud based applications deal with changes and how the changes are propagated from DEV to QA to PROD. Is there way a Adobe Test&Target can handle this meaning, Can I start creating Campaigns, Experiences, mboxes etc in Adobe TT and use them with QA website with mboxes for personalization, once they are verified, can I then copy all of the campaigns, mboxes,& experiences etc created for QA purposes so they can be used by PROD website.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Ganesh,

This is typically handled through the Host Groups settings in Target Advanced.  Host groups allow you to manage your different domains differently.  For example, "" and "localhost" could be put into a Host Group called "Development" that is set to show "Unapproved and Approved Campaigns."  Then, if you Save but don't approve your campaign you can view it on your Development environment.

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