How do I preview Target test variants on a final step of a multi-step process that requires info held in a session cookie?



I'm a newbie so, apologies if this is basic. We have a test that's being performed on the last step of a car insurance purchase process. How do I preview the test variants in Target using just the URL when the site we're testing on needs a session cookie containing info entered during the previous steps to show the page?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Are you having problems building your activity?  Or previewing an activity which you have already built? 

Assuming the problem is building your activity...if you use the non-enhanced mode of the composer it will load your site directly using an iframe.  If you first open another browser tab open and navigate to this last step of your purchase process, when you next load the same URL in Target the non-enhanced mode of the VEC will have access to all of the same cookies you set in your other tab.  Another option is to enter the "Browse" mode of the VEC and take all of the necessary actions needed to get to the page and then edit.

Assuming the problem is previewing your activity... take all of the necessary steps to get to the last step of your purchase process to set all of the cookies your site requires and then load the preview URL.



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Answers (4)



Hi ,

We can use the Preview experience URL option in Visual Experience Composer to Preview Target Test variants However Just keep in mind that the session cookie which test would be using should be present .

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