How do I create an Activity with a URL that auto-redirects???

chrisd76587458 24-01-2018

I am trying to create an activity on our payment page.  The url for the payment page is not complex -- it is essentially like this:

My problem is fairly simple. I have set this url in the Configuration>Page Delivery settings.  The VEC tries to load this page, but our website auto-redirects it to the homepage because it doesn't have any order information stored in Session Storage (which is where it would be if a user had gone through the normal process of picking a product and trying to order it).

Because the page is redirected, it seems Target freaks out and the VEC becomes useless.  It takes a long time for the VEC to "try" to load the page, then most of the links in the VEC menus seem to quit working.

So how can I set up an activity to perform some tests on our payment page?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

rylanf64738321 26-01-2018

Hi Chris,

If you are using the VEC, from the Experiences page click the "Browse" button. You then use Browse to obtain the desired page state, then return to Compose to make a change.

See the following section from Target Documentation:

"You can also click Browse, then navigate to a page that is available from the primary page, such as a shipping page or shopping cart, and test changes on that page. You can also access page elements that are available when you hover, such as flyout menus and mini-carts. When you are finished browsing to the page, click Compose to edit the experience. For example, you might want to change the design of a shopping cart drop-down or a carousel of images. This functionality is currently available for A/B tests, A/B tests with Analytics, and experience targeting."

- Rylan

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

chrisd76587458 24-01-2018

So if I am following you, your suggestion is to use the same browser that I have Target open in, right?  Therefore, the SessionStorage values may get selected when the VEC tries to load the page?

SarahEOwen 24-01-2018

Hi Chris -

Have you tried going to the site and putting something in your cart?

This approach worked for me on a Shopping Cart Test I needed to set up. The elements that were in the Test would only show up if there was something in the cart. So, I went to our site and put some stuff in my cart. Then, when I opened Target to work on the Test, the shopping cart that I created earlier populated in the VEC so I could manipulate the elements.

Thanks -