How can we retrieve tntIDs for all users from Adobe Target?





We’re trying to extract all tntIDs for users from Adobe. Once this information is received, we intend to append additional customer attributes data and upload to target to create custom audiences.


Given this case, can someone advise on how to retrieve all tnt IDs?




API profile tntID

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Maybe an Adobe employee would know how to get that information. You could always try and log that information through the order mbox solution:


The idea would be to create an orderId that was some combination timestamp and the tnt id from the mbox cookie. Not going to be much fun if you have a lot of users though. Would highly recommend implementing the mboxthirdpartyid solution where you have a unique id per customer.



Hello @srikoll !


TntIDs of Target is assigned to a user only during his session and may change on frequent visits. Having said that there is no way to download a list of TnT IDs from Target. 


However as @Eric_Vidana mentioned, I would also suggest to use mbox3rdpartyID or Customer ID to recognize the logged in users and syncronize them with experience cloud visitor ID


But if you are willing to target returning visitors without logging in, you can create an audience with "returning Visitors"


Hope that helps!