How can I remove/hide adobe_mc_sdid=XYZ in redirected url?

gaureshk3014423 27-06-2019

When we use redirect to URL option in VEC to create redirect test from page XYZ to ABC we can see 'adobe_mc_sdid=' gets appended to page URL ( after page gets redirected from XYZ to ABC. Is there any way to remove or hide 'adobe_mc_sdid=' which gets appended automatically after redirection?


Gauresh kodag.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hey gaureshk30144236​,

The parameter being added in the redirect is expected behavior.

What the  'adobe_mc_sdid' parameter does:

"The 'adobe_mc_sdid' parameter passes the Supplemental Data Id (SDID) and Experience Cloud Org Id from the default page to the new page in order for A4T to "stitch" together the Target request on the default page with the Analytic request on the new page" (see Redirect offers - A4T FAQ).

Not using A4T and thinking of removing this parameter?

"If you are not using A4T with your redirect activity, you have the Visitor Id service implemented, and you don't want these parameters to be automatically added to your URLs, you must use a custom-coded redirect.

However, as best practice, you might want to keep the adobe_mc_ref parameter in the URL in order to report the referrer information to Analytics correctly."

Answers (5)

Answers (5)


I'd say that is up to you. If you dislike it being there and you're not using A4T on that activity then it's harmless to remove with surebee's approach.

matts23068368 11-11-2019

Our org is running into the same issue.  How would you do this manually?  More specifically, how would you run a redirect through custom code?


perrin_ennen 31-03-2020

Unfortunately, the adobe_mc_sdid parameter also bothers me with a customer. With an HTML Offer I have to use something like this to avoid flickering and to set the browser history correctly.

<style>body {display: none;}</style>

However, this method is slower than a Redirect Offer. For this reason it would be better if this could be set directly in the Redirect Offer.

gaureshk3014423 11-11-2019

I guess custom code is the only option here to avoid this.