Have Target based on values tracked in Sitecatalyst

NitroHazeDev 15-10-2015


Is it possible to target based on data that has been tracked by Sitecatalyst? Would Test and target be able to read values from tracked Sitecatalyst data OOTB?By doing so i could target to a content on the page based on a value tracked.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


It is possible to target based on data from SiteCatalyst; however, it is limited to success events (passed by s.event). This will show up as "SiteCatalyst:event" and "SiteCatalyst:purchase" in Test&Target. You would need to install the mboxLoadSCPlugin() after you have set all the SC variables on the page code.

Here are two articles that should help to explain this: 



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Answers (8)


Hi YogitaBist,

You are looking at an old question so those links are dead now unfortunately. Actually, the correct answer is also old. That is for the legacy version of the Analytics & Target integrations. For recently implemenations you should be using the profile and audiences integration method. This is more robust. To target an activity off of Analytics data you can share a segment from Analytics to the Marketing Cloud, then it will automatically show up as an audience with Target. OR you can create an audience in the Audiences Library (Marketing Cloud > Profiles & Audiences > Audience Library). You can define an audience based off of Analytics evars or events.

Create and audience in help will give you the details.