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petero52240340 22-01-2020

I know the general guidelines on the Adobe site around Auto Target are;


When Conversion is your success metric: 1,000 visits and at least 50 conversions per day per experience, and in addition the activity must have at least 7,000 visits and 350 conversions.


How rigid are these, i.e. if I have roughly 960 visits a day and 40 / 35 conversions, is this still viable to run and it will take longer to achieve confidence? Does this work in the same way for say 800 visits? 


I would like to try auto targeting but volume is an issue so I wanted to try and see if we could still run auto targetting.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Should still work just not as reliable/accurate the close or higher you get to those numbers the better. 

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