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Hi Team,


We are performing the A/B test on a page considering control as the winning version from last test, so the variation is as follows :-


Control - Winner from last test 
Challenger - New design one

Goal metric - Increase signups

Now the above two variation has the same design(sticky CTA on top) pointing to two different URL's
1. URL - is external link which we are tracking through UTM
2. URL - internal link where we have the registration CTA by clicking on which it takes to registration page in different URL

We want to track the exit to registration page now in both the experiences

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@Poonambhatia1990 You could define a goal metric and apply click tracking on the button through which we could track all the users who have successfully submitted the registration form.

You could then add a reporting audience within the activity which gives us all the users who have accessed the registration page.

A difference of visitors for above would give us the number of visitors who have exited the registration page.