Getting offers from multiple mbox in one HTTP request



Performance is critical for web applications, which means we often try to avoid network calls as much as possible to not add latency time each time an application needs computed data from a server.

This is also true for personalization, and looking at Adobe Target capabilities, I can see that implementation through at.js, getOffer for each mbox on a page will  trigger an individual HTTP Request.

On the other side, Target REST API provides a way to get several mbox offers in one HTTP call, which seems more efficient.

Is the multiple mbox call will land in at.js in the future ? Is there a way to achieve this already with the library ?

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Answers (2)




Hi Romain,

This is a great question. The at.js library does not support multiple mbox responses with a single call. While the Target REST API does have a method for this. It is limited to form based activities in Target. If you are using the Target global mbox and the visual composer you can deliver multiple activities to a page with only a single call to Target.This is actually how at.js and the visual composed activities natively work.

Also worth noting, if you are using form composed activities because you prefer to write your own code, these use cases usually can also be handled in the visual composer by using the custom code option to insert your own code blocks to the page. So you could get multiple custom code offers delivered in a single call to Target.

Hope that helps.





Hi @Romain_Blineau,


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