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Hi everyone!

Just looking for a step-by-step explanation of the getOffer() and applyOffer code.{   
  "mbox": "target-global-mbox", 
  "params": { 
     "a": 1, 
     "b": 2 
  "success": function(offer) {           {  
           "mbox": "target-global-mbox", 
           "offer": offer  
        } ); 
  "error": function(status, error) {           
      console.log('Error', status, error); 


I've read the help article here but I could do with some further information. My specific queries are:

  • What does the 'offer' refer to in the success function?
  • Does the code both set profile information as well as deliver content? 

My use case that has caused me to seek help is as follows:

  • I'm updating an Mbox parameter based on a data element change rule using DTM, firing the code above (but with actual Mbox parameters)
  • I'm then using this Mbox parameter to create an audience rule in Target
  • When this Mbox parameter changes to a specific value (and therefore the profile script) I want to deliver a specific Target Experience straight away

Basically, a customer answers a question and based on that answer I want to put them into an audience and change some content on the page at the same time.

What I want to understand is if the code above does all those things at once:

  1. Updates the profile parameter
  2. Evaluates what audience the customer falls into
  3. Delivers the appropriate on page content for that audience

Many thanks!

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