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I'm trying to access the value of an eVar in Adobe Target. Is there a way to do this?


I am currently capturing information on the site and passing those into analytics and audience manager. I'm then using these values to qualify for particular audiences. I'd like to switch between audiences. I've determined this isn't possible and you are in an audience until it expires. What I'd like to try is to use the last value of the eVar and access that in Target and inject that into an experience test. Is that possible? 

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eVar allocation and expiration is controlled from Analytics. The closest you can get to that is targeting past behavior based on the eVar allocation setting.

Here is what you woudl do:

1. Ensure that Expiration and Allocation are set to whatever you need them to be in Analytics.

2. Set up an Analytics audience around the eVar in question.

3. Accept the reality that Analytics audiences are not indented to used for immediate targeting. For that Taret native audiences are best. (More on that here: make note of the "Audience Becomes Actionable" row in the "Audience Creation Options" table)

4. Share the audience to Target for use in targeting past behavior on the site.

A better option:

Would be to work with an Adobe implementation consultant to deploy additional code on the site that sets the value for a user's profile parameter to something specific when the eVar's value is whatever you are trying to target. You would then build a Target Native audience around a profile script that looks for that specific profile value. This will give you a way to immediately affect change on the live site when the specific eVar value is triggered.
As a separate point if you have Target Premium you will have access to XT Experience Targeting activities. This is the only activity type where it is possible for the end user to move from one experience into another based on matching different audience requirements. More on XT activities here:

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Hi @ethan , if you are using launch , you might be feeding the Var value from some data element.
Can you use the same data element value in the parameter of  target mbox request?


Once the data element value which is also the eVar value starts firing in the mbox request you can use it either in the profile script (mbox.param("parameter name")) or custom ---> select mbox ---> select parameter name