Geo-Personalization: Pass user's location to html-code




I want to personalize a website by the location of the visitor.


For example, instead of writing: "Find new cars", I want to write: "Find new cars in {city}! So can I use Adobe Target to automatically replace the {city} string in the HTML code with the actual location of the user? Can I use for that?


Also, can I pass the user's location ( as input to a Javascript function that is part of my website?


Can this happen in real time, i.e. during the first page view of the first visit?

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Hi @marwal1,

Yes, you can to each of your questions. Here's the help doc on using tokens in your content/modifications (including inside a script):

It shows the basic syntax for adding the dynamic data. Essentially, you insert like so: ${domain.attribute}

Here is a help doc that list out all the profiles and variables available in Target including the geolocation variables:

So in your specific example, you could update the text on your page to say: "Find new cars in ${}". Worth noting that all the geolocation values from Target are lower case so you may want to use some CSS to change the case. You can also use the ${} inside of a script too. So if I was modifying the HTML of an element I could insert a small script. For example:

<h2>Find new car's in <span class="titleCase">${}</span></h2>
document.querySelector("h2").setAttribute("title", "Find cars in ${}");

Target runs the geolocation look up on the first request of a session, so it will be available to use in the first page view of a first time visitors session.

Hope that helps.