Experience tied to entry parameter is not persisting



I am looking to personalize a page for users that enter the site  with a specific parameter




the logic i used was


Site Pages: Landing Page Query contains
the experience fires upon initial entry but does not persist when user within the same session returns to the page without the parameter.
How can I make sure the experience persists for the lifetime of the campaign, that way any user who went to the page with the parameter will forever see the personalized experience

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Answers (2)




@jaimek91366711 ,

It sounds like you might be using XT activity type if you were to switch to AB it should work. XT evaluates each time but with AB once you are cookied into the activity you should be good to go. Additionally, make sure you target to the root URL at the activity level however you can then build your audience to look for the entry parameter instead. Here is more on the different activity types: https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/target/using/activities/target-activities-guide.html

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Hi, You can create a profile script to achieve the same. Once the params are available in URL, store some values using Profile script and use it as an audience.